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The Distillery

At Tintenbar Distillery we like to make stuff. We like to build things and sometimes shoot at inanimate objects with home made contraptions while we ferment and roast and distill things. We like to drink things. And experiment with things that we can then ideally (but not always) drink. We are certified organic. And we like to grow as much of our own stuff as we can. To make things. Nice drinky things.

For you to (hopefully) enjoy.



We are multi-skilled and like to try new things and lots of them all at once in the hope that something might turn out just right... 



Roasting and smoking the grains in our home made smoker (with thanks to Bret & Phil), affectionately known as Gefa or Little Smokey.

The Distillers

Tintenbar Distillery is a farm family affair. Our Boss Distillers are Greg and Rob. The distillery was born out of a desire to use up and give a longer shelf life to our farm produce, and has developed along with a shared love for whiskey and gin and some serious practice-led research into all sorts of hillbilly activities. And much experimenting (some successful) with native and homegrown ingredients, all the while sharpening our archery and singing skills.


Old Greg

Master of Brilliant Ideas and recipe development.

Hillbobby billit

Master of harebrained schemes.