Flinders Island GIN

Flinders Island GIN

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Flinders Island Gin is a limited edition gin, crafted with a herbaceous blend of native botanicals found on Flinders Island, Tasmania. The gin is pot distilled in small batches with these organic botanicals, which include mountain pepperberry, coastal daisybush & native juniper.

Best enjoyed with a mountain view, but really anywhere will do.

Available in 500ml for $69 and 100ml for $22
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42% Alc./Vol.


The lovely illustration on our label shows Mount Strzelecki on Flinders Island, and was sketched by Francis Russell Nixon, who was ordained the first Bishop of Tasmania in 1842. Holy blessings on our gin. The image is taken from his book The cruise of the Beacon : a narrative of a visit to the islands in Bass's Straits with extra illustrations and photographs by the author, published in 1854 and supplied to us by Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

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