Kumquat May

Kumquat May


Kumquat May is one of our special limited edition seasonal infusions, a delightful liqueur reminiscent of Granny’s very own marmalade (only mischieviously drunken), and crafted in very small batches using our home grown organic kumquats. 

Limited Edition Seasonal Release - ONLY 80 jars of this first batch available

Come late May, when the kumquats hang,
sun ripened and ready for harvest…
Hand picked and muddled with the holy spirit,
Crafted into sweet drunken marmalade.
Suddenly the world seems a perfect place!
In the night or the day, in sunshine or shade,
Drink up, Kumquat May!  

Available in 450ml for $49 until sold out
Prices are GST inclusive

23% Alc./Vol.


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